Roofs and Truffs

Roofing System not only effectively solves the problem of roof leakage. ¡t is also heat insulation, warm preservation, junction surface Is flat and level, high temperature resistant, long life span. The light weight and high strength characteristics make ¡t possible to reduce the use of roof beam and other materials. Its simple construction and installation process, greatly shorten the construction period

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt Shingle is characterized by color shading designs such as the unique hexagon, two-layer standards tile and scale-like tile, which help the roof prevent a perfect grand and antique effect with the appearance of clear lines and precise angles. The rhombic mosaic asphalt shingle paved has better wind-resisting performance than other materials. It is the best option for designers and European style buildings.


  1. Cheap
  2. Widely Used


  1. Life span of 10 years only

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UPVC Roofing Tiles

It is the newest roof material which designed for the corrosion and strong acid raining area. Our product adopt 2 or 3layers extruding technology, each layer had It’s performance

Colorful atone-coated metal roofing. It is based on Al-Zn (known as Zincalume or Galvalume Steel) steel. The before and after protective film treatment, together with UV-protective and anti-npise gravel ensure the roof to be the best roofing material.

Coated with an alloy composed of Al 55%. Zn 43.4%. Si 1.8%. with non-toxic acrylic adhesive and vlocanic stone, colorful stone coated metal roofing provides the advantages of long life, strength,  durability and beauty.

Bluescop Cleancolor Bond


  1. Widely used in Australia and New Zealand
  2. Aesthetically Beautiful
  3. Stable


  1. Expensive
  2. Painted products and cannot be replaced.

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Steel roofing sheet

Color Steel galvanized corrugated iron sheet for roofing: Zn coating:40-lSOg/m2 Color All of RAL color card THK 014-0.75mm

ASA / PVC composite I synthetic resin tile – roof tile

ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic from SABIC. Raw PVC

Material: anti—UV agent and other chemical materials

Width: 1050mm

Thickness: 2.0mm,  2.5mm, 3.0mm

Color: blue ,  dark green, bright red,  brick red, gray or customized

CC-750 Corrugated Board


  1. Cheap
  2. Widely used in economical houses

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Metal Tile


  1. Better than Asphalt
  2. Widely Used


  1. The sands on the surf may fall off

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EPS  Sandwich Panel

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