Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Prefabricated Home

Is a Prefabricated home “a cheap, and poorly constructed home”?

Absolutely not! The Prefabricated homes of today are models of efficiency and quality assurance. They are built using the state of art technology from planning to customization of design. The highly engineered structures are then built in sections, called “modules”, inside a controlled environment.  There is the misconception that Prefab houses break apart by just a kick in Nepal. And we want to prove them wrong

Is a Prefabricated home earthquake resistance?

Absolutely yes. Not only the prefabricated houses are earthquake resistance, but they are insulated , fire-proof and sound-proof too.  We do complete soil studies, topographic and geological studies in our site screening process so that the foundation we built are strong enough to be earthquake resistant.  We will be doing

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design Development and Engineering
  • Price Estimation
  • Fabrication and Foundation/Sitework
  • Delivery/Install
  • Final Fitouts

What does a Prefabricated home look like?

The prefabricated house looks like any house that you have seen in your neighborhood. You will not be able to tell the difference between them. They are highly customizable and be used to build office building, schools, hotels, hospital, and other structures that you haven’t ever imagined. The trend around the globe is more and more prefabricated houses are being built.

Can prefabricated house be built on hillside?

Absolutely Yes. We have different designs for the house that complements different terrains. We are here to help you to choose and decide the design for your home.

How high we can construct Prefabricated Building?

The Only constraint in the height of the Prefabricated Building is the restriction made by the government in Construction. There has been the case of building of 57 Storey Prefabricated Building In 19 Days in China.

Is Prefabricated house Fire resistance and water and sound proof?

Yes, the building we construct for our clients is carefully engineered to make it Fire, water and sound proof. You can be assured about  it. The houses we make can resist fire for 2-4 hours and insulated for 32/44db sound range.

What is the lifespan of Prefabricated House?

The Prefabricated House that we build has life-span of Life 50 to 70 years.

How does a Prefabricated home save time in the construction process?

The Prefabricated homes are quickly built. 90% of the work is complete when the foundation is set up. The flooring, the wall and ceiling finish, ceiling fans, shutters, kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator, stove, etc. are there thus reducing move in time. The plus point is that most of the interiors, including bathrooms are already done expect with the final fixing and decoration.

How does a Prefabricated home save on cost?

We at G.A. Builders buy the building materials in bulk in large quantities saving some money to our clients. The houses are built in closed supervision and are built with less labor hours using the experienced craftsman. We do everything in a planned way so; this from the start engineering approach also results in savings in material and waste.

What is the difference between “Turn key” and “Set on foundation” pricing?

G.A. Builders prices the prefabricated houses in two ways.

The first is Turn Key Project.  “Turn Key” means that we handle everything from site screening to construction to interior decoration.

The second is delivered “set on foundation” also called as “drop ship”. In this method, you the Client oversee the construction process also. Client would hire and oversee the sub-contractors, such as the plumbing and heating, interior decoration, etc. This will save you some cost but not recommended approach.

How long does it take to build a prefabricated house?

This depends upon how big the house is and number of construction modules in the house. Since the houses are carefully designed and engineered, there is advantage of the speed and quality in construction of the houses and it would take less time than he houses we normally see in the Nepal.