Recent Projects


British Embassy, Lainchour, Kathmandu

(Various projects have been carried in British Embassy)

Seismic  Retrofitting & Renovation Completed 2016/2017
MUGA Seismically retrofit and convert to Gym Completed
LEA Seismically Retrofit and converted to 2 Bedroom accommodation

Construction of below ground tank in garden and bury asbestos Landscaping

FEPOW Formation of 3 bedroom accommodation including kitchen, bathrooms, fence, floor finish, etc. Completed
House 3 Seismic retrofit and improve doors, windows and install new bathrooms


Car Port Canopies of House 2 and House 3 Completed
Emergency Stores & Water Tanks Construction of Base Completed
House – 8 Converting to 1 bedroom flat Completed
Parking Bay Providing 7 no’s of Parking Bay Completed
Satellite Dish Relocate Provisions

Provide Foundation Slab and Fencing

International Organization of Migration (IOM Nepal) Prefab Office Building Completed
International Organization of Migration (IOM Nepal) Demolition Completed
J.B. Agricultural Farm Prefab Completed
Jarsin Pauwa Resort Planning & Designing Completed
Dr. Jha Residential RCC Completed
Mr. Trilokya Raj Aryal Residential Completed
Mrs. Radha Devi Tamang Residential Completed
Mr. Anil Kumar Thapa Retrofitting Completed
Mr. Sujan Shrestha Prefab Building Completed
Dr. Dhurba Raj Panta Residential Completed
British Embassy, Lainchour, Kathmandu Construction & Renovation as a Sub Contractor of OSI UK Completed 2018/2019
Mr. Sudhir Shrestha Commercial Complex Completed
Mr. Krishna Bahadur Pun Residential Completed
Mr. Navaraj Dhakal Residential Completed
Mrs. Sashikala Shrestha Residential Completed
Mr.Lopsang Tenzing Landscape Completed
Mr. Rajesh Lal Nyachhyon Residential Completed
Mr. Prashish Gurung Residential Completed
Mr. KB Dahal Residential Completed
Mr. Yam Bahadur Roka Residential Completed
Mr. Madhu Shrestha Residential Completed
Mr. Prajesh Acharya Residential  Completed
Mr.Pankaj Acharya Residential Completed
Mr. Niraj Poudel Residential Completed
Mr. Deepesh Shrestha Residential Completed
Mr. Ratna Shrestha Residential Completed
USAID – Mahendrajhyadi Public Healthcare Center Hospital Completed
PlanèteEnfants and Dèveloppement – Chepang Girls Hostel  Paris, France  

Girls Hostel

Urban Mart Supermarket Under Construction
Mr. Som Gurung Residential Commercial  Building Under Construction
Dr.Rekha Shah Residential Under Construction
Mr. Janga Roka Residential Under Construction