Why Do We Exist?

Not many people in Nepal realize that Nepal is a natural disaster prone country.

Floods, landslides, epidemics and fires cause considerable loss of life and property in Nepal every year. On the other hand, Nepal is also among the countries at high risk in terms of earthquake occurrence. Even though it does not happen frequently, earthquakes have the potential of causing the greatest damage here. Past records have shown that Nepal can expect two earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 – 8 on the Richter scale every 40 years and one of magnitude of 8+ on the Richter scale every 80 years. The last great earthquake to strike Nepal was in 1934 which had a magnitude of 8.3. Since then, the population of Nepal has increased rapidly. At the same time, urban development and construction practices have deteriorated.

The recent earthquake (2015) of 7.9 on the Richter scale that struck, devastated many lives and infrastructures in Nepal. If a similar earthquake to that of 1934 was to strike now, it would have caused a greater loss of lives and properties. Hence, we need to be fully concerned such a grave matter and start building structures that would resist such calamities in the future.


G.A. Builders has introduced Modular House, also called Prefabricated House (often referred to as Prefab House or simply Prefabs) which could resist the earthquake. We have partnered with Worwell Trading Company Hefei, a well reputed company in China having proven records of manufacturing energy saving, earthquake resistant, and economical building materials. This is one of our initial projects in response to the concern.