Why Prefab?

Prefab houses are houses made with easy to install building parts that are manufactured and provides many options for customization.Prefabricated houses offer more sustainable solution to building and reconstruction of the country.Prefab housing has been popular in North America,Europe,Australasia pacific through the decade of time as they are relatively cheap when compared to many existing homes on market.Modern architects are experimenting with prefabrication as a means to deliver well-designed and mass-produced  modern homes. Modern architecture forgoes referential decoration and instead features clean lines and open floor plans.

For country like Nepal which lies in earthquake sensitive zone,G.A. Builders introduces the earthquake resistant pre-fabricated houses with energy saving, low cost building materials.Prefab are the future of Nepal to withstand the future earthquakes.We should be prepared to withstand the earthquakes which ranges from 7.9 and above in Nepal.

Some of the advantages of Prefab houses are:

Eco friendly,Fireproof,Increases building’ usable area,High strength and durability with impact resistance,Moisture proof and insulation,Sound insulation,Easy construction,high efficiency and time saving,Heat insulation and warm preservation,Wall can be slotted,wired,nailed,hanged,painted,and pasted,Light weight, economy,and can be recycled.