Glass House

Glass house concept model of G.A group. Laminated tempered glasses are used for this purpose. Design, color of glasses are available as per the needs.

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Interior and Exterior

G.A. Builders provides vast ranges of interior and exterior designs. Modern, Architectural, Classical and Traditional designs as per clients needs.

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Traditional Homes

We at G.A. Builders are creating new ideas to bring back our traditional style homes in the fast growing modern society. We have become dependent upon the foreign aspects of modern living by which we are losing to provide our own traditional styles to our future generations. We are not here just as a builders, constructors but as a thinkers for future development of urban societies by providing what we have in our cultures.

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Recreational 2 Storey Prefabricated Model House

This is a new 2 storey villa design perfect a family with a car-parking space ideal for a single family designed in 220 M2 space. This prefabricated model house doesn’t require any steel structure.

The main features of this house  are:

  • Fire-proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water proof
  • Sound Proof
  • Energy Saving

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Two Storey Model House

G.A. Builders presents A Two Storey Model House (fabricated summer) villa designed in a space of 162 M2 of area. And great thing about this house is it doesn’t require any steel structure.

The house that we construct are fire-proof, eco-friendly, water proof, sound proof and earthquake resistant because we quality materials.

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