Reasons Why Choose G.A Builders

We offer top-quality service and complete housing solutions to our clients. They include consulting, initial site screening, designing, materials supply, building construction, exterior and interior decorations as a turnkey project.

G.A. Builders ensures outstanding comfort and quality. Choose from our floors plans, models and options, and then customize your new house according to your needs and as you please. Your house is specially engineered to sustain generations with materials designed to not only provide maximum strength but beauty as well. Houses we build are earthquake resistance.

  1. Highly qualified engineering  and management team
  2. We believe in Labour Training
  3. High efficiency and quality of materials and finished building
  4. We build affordable, earthquake resistance building.

Our whole range of services and yet our speed separate us from the rest. The fastest handover–with 100% compliance and contracted level of satisfaction—down to the last detail, has been a project in less than 20 days.

A cut from the rest, each of our services is an integrated approach of project management. Beginning from the cost estimate, from site inspection to the material procurement to construction/erection to the interior/exterior works, our team is able to execute a stand-alone state-of-the-art housing solution to the turnkey project of any size.

During the project period, our entire focus is on the quality of material, workmanship, service, health and safety, and, most importantly, timely delivery. In all our projects, GA brings together cutting-edge technologies to offer connected, smart design solutions that enable our customers to deliver modern, advanced real estate solutions tailored to users’ needs and expectations.

Our range of real-estate services comes from our industry experience, expertise, and we offer a comprehensive design, development, construction and management services. Our work model enables us to complete each project phase and ensures clients’ complete satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality solutions through our real estate deliveries.

  1. Certified OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 Company
  2. Highly Qualified Engineering and Management Team
  3. We Work with Trained Manpower
  4. High Efficiency and Quality of Materials with Quality Finish
  5. We Build Affordable, Earthquake Resistant Facility
  6. Expert in Seismic Construction—Seismic Proof, Retrofitting
  7. Expert in Smart Solution—Focus on Technological Integration and Functionality