Steel Structured Prefab Traditional Nepali House

Exterior of Mr. Aryal’s House

G.A. Builders has been always innovating in the field of the construction. We are looking ahead to make a sustainable and earthquake protected houses in Nepal. One of the projects that we are currently running is a steel structure building in Gairidhara, Kathmandu.

The project is one of the innovative projects that we have done so far.  Mr. Aryal, our client for this project wanted a traditional Nepali house in Kathmandu. The house is the mix of both traditional and contemporary architecture. The outer look of the house is designed to reflect our tradition, culture and custom whereas, the interior resembles as the modern look and feel to the house. The structural foundation for the house is laid with a Steel structure which can with stand the earthquake of 8 Richter scale. The group of engineers from Wuhan Daquan Group Corporation (abbreviated as DQ Group), Wuhan, China came here in Kathmandu to specifically for helping our Engineering from G.A. Builders for construction and design of Steel Structure Prefab house. DQ group is a large-scale privately formed company in China. We will working with this team in our future projects.

Laying Prefabricated Steel Structure

The prefabricated materials for building this 2 storey residential house were all imported from China from DQ Group.  The ground floor has an open kitchen and dining, a bedroom, bathroom and store room and a prayers room (Puja Kotha). The first floor of the house has a study room, a bedroom, a living room, a common bathroom and a balcony that outlooks the road.

The project will be completed with in 2-3 months.

Project Details:

Project:  Mr. Aryal’s Residence (under construction)

Location: Gairidhara

Area: 526 sq.ft.

Type: Residence; 2 stories

Building Technique: Prefabricated Construction

Designed in traditional Nepalese Architecture.

Ground Floor: Open Kitchen Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom, Store, Puja Room

First Floor: 1 Bedroom, 1 Study Room, Living Room, Common Bathroom, Balcony