Apartment Style Residential House at Satungal

Project Overview

Mrs. Sashikala Shrestha is our client who came to us for construction solutions after a good recommendation from one of our clients. For her residence, our Architect designed a 2 storey building as per her requirement. The house is designed as an apartment style layout, the ground floor is 2BHK and a storeroom – 2 Bedroom, a Living room, Kitchen and a  toilet. Likewise, the layout of the rooms is designed similarly to the first floor with a balcony for each of the bedrooms.

The second floor is also a 2BHK and has a terrace. The buildings’ exteriors is designed considering the illumination of the rooms without compromising the spaces.

Project Details

Client Mrs. Sashikala Shrestha
Location Satungal
Building Technique RCC Construction
Storey 2 Storey Building
Ground Floor 2BHK and a  storehouse
First Floor
2BHK and a  storehouse
Second Floor 2BHK