EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

EPS (Expanded polystyrene board) cement sandwich Panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The exterior panels on both sides are calcium silicate board. and the middle core is filled with polystyrene beads & cement, ash, fly etc.

Panel Type 1: Most commonly used

Face Panel: 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board
Core Filling: EPS, Cement, sand, fly, ash, adhesive etc.

Panel Type 2: Semi-Ceramide

Face Panel: 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board Core Filling: EPS.
Ceramide, Cement, sand, fly, ash, adhesive etc.

Panel Type 3: Reinforced with steel bar

Face Panel: 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board
Core Filling: EPS. steel bar. Cement, sand, fly, ash, adhesive etc.

Panel Type 4: Reinforced with steel mesh

Face Panel 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board
Core Filling: EPS. steel mesh, Cement, sand, fly, ash, adhesive etc.

Panel Type 5: With PVC pipe

Face Panel: 5mm fiber reinforced calcium silicate board
Core Filling: EPS. PVC pipe, Cement, sand, fly, ash, adhesive etc.


Product Specification

Product Specification EPS Cement Sandwich Panel


Advantages of EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

  • Eco-friendly and energy saving

EPS cement sandwich panel is 100% free of harmful and A grade radioactive substances, which corresponds the national standards GB6566- 2001 Meanwhile, the properties for the core materials reduce the need for heating or air-conditioning in the home. When compared with other building materials, the panels have better heat insulation ratings and therefore better energy saving properties than other building materials

  • Fireproof

Against high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for more than 4 hour of fire resistance test, EPS light and energy saving materials do not emit toxic gases, which means its flammable properties is perfectly meet the national A—class standards.

  • Moisture-proof and water proof

Without any waterproof treatment, experiments have proved that EPS panel can maintain dry without leaving any stains by putting ¡t inside the water pool. Even in wet weather, you will not see any water drop on the surface. Both sides of the panel are specialized waterproof board with high moisture resistant, which can be used for kitchen, bathrooms, basements and other wet areas.

  • Increases a building’s useable area

EPS Cement panels are thinner than standard brick walls. This means the 7 usable area, or floor space, of a house built using the panels is larger than the  same house would be if it was built with standard brick walls As well as being  thinner, ¡t can be painted and decorated without adding layers of plaster which is necessary with brick walls An increase in floor space adds value to the house.

  • High Strength & Durability with Impact Resistance

The overall seismic performance is 10 times higher than ordinary masonry wall The use of the core filling between surface board creates a honeycomb-like structure of thousands of cells able to very effectively disperse forces throughout the panel absorbing significant impacts.

  • Sound Insulation

The raw materials for the EPS, panel including the exterior panels , and inside core fillings are with good sound insulation performance. The sound insulation for 90mm EPS panel is 42dB The sound insulation for EPS panel conforms to our national standard and It’s better than the traditional brick wall

  • Easy construction, High efficiency and Time saving

A skilled worker can assemble more than 20m per day. What is more, both  sides of the wall will not require for plastering. Meanwhile, the scaffold is not required for the assembling. The further finishing work shall be arranged . right away after the assembling, the construction time is reduced greatly


  • Heat Insulation and warm preservation

The raw materials for EPS, panel is heat preservation material, and  honeycomb structure has aood warm preservation and heat insulation function, which makes EPS. panel can automatically adjust the indoor .4. moisture content by the cnange of the season and climate, to make It – possible to adjust the temperature in ecological regulation


  • Wall can be slotted, wired, nailed, hanged, painted and pasted

The maximum single hanging force is 50kg. Meanwhile, the panel will  maintain smooth without any dust after the above procedure, we can continue with the further finish such as paste ceramic tiles, wall paper wood trim and others. For painting or wallpapering a top coat is applied first


  • For tiling, tiles can be stuck directly onto the walls

Lightweight, economy, and can be recycled The weight for 75mm EPS, panel is only 117th of traditional 120mm brick wall ., The recycle utilization Is more than 70-90% Save material production cost: No need to manufacture and store as much Significantly less construction faults. Human error during construction is kept to an absolute minimum.


  •  Save on transport cost

 Less equipment & other materials

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