Mountain Home

This is the mountain home is suited for Nepal.  This is the cool house and you cannot place a price tag on it. It just so within nature.  The house is elegant and portrays the cabin culture and raises it standard to a luxurious recreational house. It has a great sense of aesthetics with the perfect balance of  space and shimmering glass walls, all enclosed with royal woods.

The house complements to natural surrounding with the dense lush green forest. Even the interiors are superb and the the floor-to-ceiling glass walls with all the naturals palette of materials used to build the house makes you feel living in the nature. From the glasses you can peek the nature while you are inside.

contemporary-mountain-home-front contemporary-cabin-chic-mountain-corridor contemporary-mountain-home contemporary-mountain-home-bathroom contemporary-mountain-home-bedroom contemporary-mountain-home-daylight contemporary-mountain-home-garden contemporary-mountain-home-interior contemporary-mountain-home-kitchen contemporary-mountain-home-outlooking-forest contemporary-mountain-home-side contemporary-mountain-home-simplistic-interior contemporary-mountain-home-stairs contemporary-mountain-home-top-floor-corridor contemporary-mountain-home-view