British Embassy Site Construction – Making Embassy Quake Proof

G.A. Builders  has tied up with Gilbert-Ash Fit Out – Belfast, Northern Ireland for a construction project inside the premises of British Embassy, Lainchaur, Kathmandu.

G.A. Builders have teamed up with UK construction firm for a project in 8 different sites to carry out structural adaptations to several buildings within the British Embassy compound. The project is designed such that it reinforce the structures in the Embassy to better withstand seismic activity. The project is part of a £1m contract with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Gilbert-Ash Fit Out and G.A. Builders has provided a retrofitting option to increase the safety of the buildings being constructed. The project has been started since Dec 05, 2016 and will roll out in few more months. Gilbert-Ash Fit Out along with the local engineering team of G.A. Builders are working tightly together to meet the current earthquake regulation.

G.A. Builders have been innovating and introducing new technologies in the Nepal, including prefabricate houses, steel structure building, container building, retrofitting, and construct better housing options as per the landscape of Nepal.